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Re: Review for the Tcon-101 & TG-6

Enders Shadow wrote:

smithaa02 wrote:

The TG-6 curiously enough has an option for the Tcon-102. I'm not sure what that is. Maybe a future replacement for the Tcon-101? Perhaps this future lens will provide more zoom? At any rate, I saw no evidence that the Tcon-102 is available, so you'll likely have to settle for the Tcon-101.

The teleconverter has the part number TCON-T01. Take a second look at the accessory menu. It should show the FCON-T02 as a option. This is their new circular fisheye adapter. It's about $100 more expensive then their original fisheye adapter, the FCON-T01.

Thanks for posting this...I REALLY messed up. You are right...and I had been selecting the FCON-T01 instead of the TCON-T01...darn small menu.   It's impressive that some were still as sharp as they were. I'll have to redo these tests later... But the first three were taken without the TCON-T01.

Were all your examples shot through a window? Most are too soft to fairly evaluate the TCON-T01. Also, high ISO and too slow shutter speed didn't help. Maybe you can shoot some more examples in better light.

Only the first was shot through the window. was very low light (hence the iso and SS). I was occasionally using burst mode because the birds were so fast (low sequence 5fps). My burst mode shots seem to not turn out as crisp as my single frame shots...not sure why that it is.

The focus, color, and metering do seem to benefit from digital zoom, but obviously not the resolution. Birds and insects are good candidates for digital zoom + optical zoom + tcon-101.

The digital teleconverter does not improve focus. It's simply uses a cropped area of the sensor. It can sometimes improve exposure and white balance as typically only the cropped area is evaluated for those parameters.

While it doesn't change focus depth, it does help with autofocus. I was fairly close to the feeder which had a thin depth of field that was narrow and difficult to lock onto. When I switched to digital zoom the AF was much more accurate. This made a big difference.

A 2x crop reduces resolution down to 3MP. The camera then uses interpolation to scale the image back to full resolution.

Yep...but if I'm shooting birds and can't fill the frame with optical zoom...I'm likly going to crop anyways in post. Digital zoom will do that for me and I get better AF/color/metering.

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