EOS R in low light?

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Re: EOS R in low light?

MANO41 wrote:


I am curious if someone here has migrated from the EOS 6D to the EOS R to tell me how does it perform in low light in comparison to the ol' 6D?

Also, a few words on the EVF in a real world situation would be nice, please. I guess the EVF, for me who have only known the OVF is still a great big mystery... how does it perform out in a sunny day? How does it drain battery life? Is there to much lag in the image... Guess I am just outdated with the EVF issues of the old days...

Guess what I really want to know is, is it worth the upgrade?


It does seem that the EOS R is able to focus much better in low light.

Saw this video a while back which was taking sample shots in a super dark environment.

That was quite impressive to me that it can still "see" and focus in that kind of environment.

Guess with the EVF, it helps a lot to literally see and focus the subject which i think the EOS 6D cant't do.

Besides, the EOS R and EOS 6D are quite a few years apart, and i am not an engineer, but probably there are improvements quite useful for a photographer.

What do you think?

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