Is there a way to get my Fuji to reacquire focus for every AF-S CL shot?

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Is there a way to get my Fuji to reacquire focus for every AF-S CL shot?

This question is for the case when I shoot people whether it be "street" or "events" or portraiture.

I have an X-T2 and X-H1. I often shoot Continous Low bursts for 2 shots, maybe 3, in many situations to avoid eye-blinks.

My preferred AF method is AF-S with "Focus Priority" shutter release, putting the focus square on what I want to focus on (peoples' heads if further away, closest eye if they're close, etc.) and then pressing the shutter. As mentioned, I often hold it down long enough for 2, maybe 3 shots.

When in AF-S, this means that the Fuji will acquire focus (ONCE) and then shoot the 2 or 3 shots. The 3rd-gen sensor and AF system in the X-T2 and X-H1 is pretty good. Pretty much in focus most of the time.

HOWEVER, for the times that it misses focus, then all 2 or 3 shots will then be out of focus.

And this will be the case if the subject is still. If they are moving towards or away from me (and thus away from the initial plane of focus), there is a more than a small chance that some of the subsequent shots in the burst will be out of focus.

If I'm in run and gun mode for street or events, I don't have time to review each shot for critical focus.  Disappointment is therefore faced every once in a while.

I'm thinking that it would be nice to have a mode of AF-S where, just before each shot, the camera will re-acquire focus before capturing the image.

That is, it would simulate me pressing the shutter, lifting off fully (i.e. not stay half-pressed) and then pressing the shutter again, for 2 or 3 shots, as fast as I can.

Yes, I can do this "manually" I guess, but that's a lot of shutter pressing. And, importantly, for the X-T2, without IBIS, it could cause a LOT of camera shake. Even the X-H1 and its IBIS might not be able to cope with that much shake.

Would anyone else find this capability useful?  (Am I the only one??)

This would not need any hardware upgrades.  Just firmware.

Theoretically, it could be ported back to ANY generation of sensor and CPU, even back to the original X100's 12MP Bayer.  Though the older cameras might be slower at this.  And thus their FPS could be as low as 2.  Maybe 1.5...?

Hopefully, Gen-3 bodies (X-T2/X-T20, X-H1, X-Pro2), could maintain 3 FPS doing this.  Though it might require the faster focusing lenses, such as the f/2 primes, red-badge zooms, etc.

I'd be happy with 3 FPS.

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