Technological Challenges that have to be solved in photography

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Technological Challenges that have to be solved in photography

I believe photography is still in it's infancy and that we will see a lot of improvements in the coming years and decades. Cameras are far from perfect and there are a lot of things that could be improved. Here are the biggest challenges from my point of view:

1. Downsizing

Good cameras are big and heavy. Because of that, we need to think twice if we take cameras with us or not. We also need special bags to carry them around. For me this is the biggest problem that needs to be solved.

2. Photos often don't look natural

The human eye makes all kind of adjustments to what we see. While cameras collect light in an accurate way, the result doesn't look natural, because cameras don't do the same adjustments. For example, unedited photos will show skies much brighter and shadows darker than we would expect.

3. Making tripods obsolete

In situations with bad lighting, we still need to use tripods to get a good image quality.

4. Making filters obsolete

We still need grey filters (+tripod) to make long time exposures. I believe this should be the easiest problem listed here.

5. Changing of lenses

Currently we need to change lenses to achieve best results. This takes time and is inconvenient.

6. A PC is needed to edit the (raw) photos

Yes, I know Lightroom CC exists and enables to edit photos on phones and tablets, but this is just a modest beginning. Lightroom CC still lacks a lot of features, so right now you still need a PC to achieve best results. Ideally no other device would be needed to edit the photos, but getting rid of the PC requirement would be also an improvement.

7. Photos cannot be shared directly

Cameras cannot upload photos directly to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc

8. Good touchscreens

There is currently no camera with a big bezel-less touchscreen. The answer to this is often that cameras would become too big, but this is not true. All cameras have very poor screen-to-body ratios. Improving this ratio will be key to increase the screen size while maintaining a compact size.

Additionally screens need to be brighter to be usable when the sunlight is intense.


What do you see as the biggest challenges?

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