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golfhov wrote:

picklepie wrote:snip


Snip investment in lots of off camera lights).

You are shooting a static object with little definition and the Iphone is shooting at 1/10 vs 1/60 for the A6300. At 1/10 on the A6300, you would be closer to ISO800.

You’re missing the point. You shoot at 1/10 on the a6300... you’d get camera shake.

Uhhhhhhhh I don't know how you manage but I find shake WORSE on a cellphone because I struggle with the ergonomics . As in I cannot hold it in a standard "braced" position

But more critically, these are the settings chosen by the camera when left in auto. And that’s the test — 90%+ of shooters just want auto.

Again though......agreed BUT what does that have to do with the Sony FE forum. Almost anyone here bought their camera to specifically accomplish something. These cameras are well past the "good enough" conversation . So I see and somewhat agree with your topic BUT I think your stretching too far

The point of the whole thread (as I read it anyway) is that the camera industry itself might be in trouble. Obviously if you're on this forum you're probably not considering shooting full-time with a phone, but if we aren't enough to support the market and everyone else stops buying cameras, that will be pretty relevant to all of us when companies start going out of business, new releases slow down, prices go up, etc. (I'm not suggesting this will definitely happen, I have no idea, but it's definitely relevant to anyone interested in photography who might want to buy gear in the future).

A bit like tablets never replaced PCs for hardcore gamers. This isn't the crowd that switched and the crowd here is far from switching

Sure, but how are PC sales now compared to before there were laptops or tablets? How has that market changed and what were the repercussions? I don't think anyone is suggesting there will no longer be cameras at all, but the question is how many fewer there will be and what affect that will have on the industry.

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