Some Minor Annoyances Regarding the X-T2

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Re: Some Minor Annoyances Regarding the X-T2

charley5 wrote:

Issue 1: The fn2 button is poorly placed. Because I grip the camera at that spot it keeps changing the burst setting from 3 to 8. I am sure I can change the function for something more innocuous to happen but it is annoying.

As you suspect, this can be set to do whatever you want (including doing nothing). You can find the setting in the wrench menu > button/dial setting > Fn button setting.

Issue 2: The manual focus assist, which I use extensively for my macro imaging (Focus Peak Highlight-White) keeps re-setting back to standard when i turn the camera off and on. That is a real pain. Is there any way to lock this setting or prevent this change from happening?

As another mentioned, make sure you're setting this from the internal menus, not the Q menu.

Issue 3: Sometimes when I turn the camera on I see nothing on the viewfinder and I have to depress the shutter button half way a couple of times for the camera to become responsive. Is there something wrong with my camera?

This happens normally when waking the camera up from sleep, or sometimes if you turn the camera off and on very rapidly. It shouldn't really happen outside of those situations. It used to bug me a lot but now I'm just used to it.

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