Fujifilm X-T30 vs Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark III

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Buy the new Olympus

Horokey wrote:

I'm about to say goodbye to my old loyal E-PL1 so I consider byuing new camera.


- Cheaper, will have some extra money for 50mm f/1.8

- Built-in stab


- Larger sensor

- Newer (2019 vs 2017)

- Probably greater quality (according to Fujifans)

- Higher FullHD FPS

So, the main question is:

Oly M10 III is 2 y.o. already, isn't it outdated? I didn't follow digital photography news so I don't know whether it's true or not.

Main usage is for Travel/Vacantion and some street photography.

P.S. If Oly released M5 Mark III I'm sure there would be no question at all

In my opinion the next camera you get, will not take any better pictures in good light than your PL1.

However, if you buy another Olympus MFT camera your PL1 lenses will fit. And if you buy an M10 your PL1 batteries will still work in the new camera body.

And where the PL1 had clean ISO to about 1600, the later 16mp sensor Olympus cameras are better at higher ISO settings.

And any current Olympus MFT camera, from the PL9 to the M1X has lots more gee gaws, foo fraws, and bells and whistles profound. The stabilization on the newer cameras is better than the PL1, too.

You have all the camera anybody needs, in a PL1. The menu system in the PL1 will translate immediately and directly to the next Olympus you buy.

Why don't you treat yourself to a new OMD M10 III body and take some pictures of your family and do some street photography.

The PL1 worked fine, for all that, and the next one will be a little better.

The Fuji has a bigger sensor, but it won't make your memories and pictures any better.

It's like buying a new guitar, and thinking you'll make sweeter music.

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