90D 29:59 Min limit?

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Re: 90D 29:59 Min limit?

elfroggio wrote:

seragram wrote:

Does anybody know if 90D eliminates 29:59 minutes recording video limit when recording HDMI out to recorder like Ninja V? T


The 30mn limit is due to an EU 14% import duty that was supposed to be phased out by July 2019 but the keyword here is: supposed. The import duty's still there. So....

I didn't know it was supposed to be phased out in July. This has been a pet peeve of mine ever since I learned about it. I have little hope that EU will actually eliminate any kind of a tax. And why should we have to care about it any way? Canon should make a USA only rest-of-the-planet-only model with firmware that allows continuous recording.

Just my € 0.01

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