8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Ok lots of replies and comment , I too have been printing with the Pro Photo and 8 / 16 bit. Yes the differences are small , however I have one or two things I want to eliminate before drawing a final conclusion.

When many speak of a colour space they almost give it colour. It has none , it is only a container into which we place data and allow the space to define the interrelationship between that data and its use. So an empty container ....... As this space grows from sRGB to ProPhoto so with the same data content (8 bit) , the transitions must show differently to a higher, more intricately defined amount of data.

I read that the advantages of the Pro Photo space are evident in the darker and more saturated shades it allows. So what does more defined ( greater numeric detail 16 bit ) offer. I feel that it is almost akin to the old jpeg/tiff debate. The tiff has all the tones with no discard to simplify ............ it is at this point I started to look at a monochrome print from Iceland, the black beach and basalt cliffs against a very heavy sky, with white froth running against the black sand. I don't believe my old eyes , or desire to see something achieved deceive me. I can start to see in the darkest tones and in the lighter froth, more contrast in the 8 bit. Is it contrast or did the 8 bit run out of numbers and simplify the ramp , causing a more noticeable transition.

I am not ready to draw a final conclusion for myself, we all have ours, however I have a few lids to lift before I can finalise my thoughts.

One is 8 bit Pro Photo the other is 16 bit Pro Photo ............Canson Platine , Custom profile, perceptual

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