I just bought a Olympus OM-1

Started Aug 29, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: I just bought a Olympus OM-1

MadEmperor wrote:

I just bought my first SLR, the OM-1. Ever since I had my first taste of manual controls (Fuji s5000) I've wanted a SLR/DSLR.

Anyways, I found this one locally at a car message board I'm on. The guy wanted $65 for it, they he agreed to sell it for $50. When I looked at it in person the film door wouldn't latch, so I said I would buy it for $35, and I did. I was able to fix the door by using the release and pushing it back (just stuck)

So far I've really enjoyed using the camera, and have already shot a roll of film. I can't wait to develope it.

I was curious of some other people's opinions on this camera. Is it worth investing money into (different lenses & film) as far as manuals go.


Film cameras are now dirt cheap. The cost of film and developing is going to cost more than the camera itself.  I shot film for decades, and had to go to Costco to have them developed. I bought a digital camera early on, just so I can avoid the time and expense of developing film.  To me, turntables and vinyl records are as appealing to me as film cameras, meaning they are not much more than nostalgia.

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