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Scott Whittemore
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Re: A Long Story

RoelHendrickx wrote:

a) Interesting geological story. How time is relative!

b) Impressive modification of the image by flipping and removing the small tree in front of the boulder. It is the kind of intervention I would never even consider doing. I would probably just try to find a vantage point in the field where the tree does not obstruct the view of the boulder. (I do realize that in this case, that would be impossible, if we also want to show the trail of smaller rocks behind it.)

Thanks, Roel.

I often scold myself for not having sought more alternative views to include/exclude, enhance, or accentuate/minimize some feature of a scene or subject. This particular image sat unused for a long time because I felt I had framed it poorly, with the boulder too close to the left edge, the clouds cut off, and a few other things. As soon as I looked at the image, I was disappointed that I hadn't gotten a wider view. Lately, though, I have drifted away from a journalistic approach to photography and into something more akin to creative design. I really enjoy working on images in the "digital darkroom." These days when I'm out shooting, I increasingly see my self as collecting new material to play with in Lightroom and, occasionally but increasingly, Photoshop. I also spend a lot of time browsing my archives looking for previously unrecognized potential, as Ibn this case.

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