Has MFT made any IQ advances, using JPEG at ISO 200?

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A JPEG is a RAW, translated

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My point is, when the very first MFT cameras worked so well using JPEG in good light, how much room for improvement is there by upgrading cameras, if all you ever do is use JPEG and consumer lenses?

None of the above shots used RAW, but is a MFT JPEG taken in glorious light a MFT JPEG, regardless of what sensor is used?

You don't always have good light. This is even more of a concern with slow "consumer" lenses.

All digital images are created from RAW sensor data. The only difference in shooting JPG is that the camera deletes the RAW data after the JPG is created.

How do you perfect, perfection?

There's no such thing as perfection in the real world.

I hadn’t thought about it, but a JPEG is a RAW, translated.

So back in the late zeros when Oly and Panny we’re testing their new processing engines for their new 12mp MFT cameras they had to program just how much of the 15 mb or so of RAW sensor data would be translated into a 3 to 7 mb JPEG the customer could actually use to view the picture.

The first thing anybody would do is set the gadget up to make great JPEGs in glorious light.

The improvements in MFT image quality just about have to be, dependent on taking pictures in less than ideal light.

Why this matters is:

Everybody starts as a beginner

If the beginner starts with ANY MFT camera and ANY native lens, finds a well lit subject, and uses the basic rules of photography over a century old, they’ll take a  perfectly sharp, clear, vibrant photograph.

Well, as close to perfect as one gets.

And like every other good system, the camera in the beginner’s hands is far more capable than they are.

What the camera makers do is expand the extremes of capability with each new model and new sensor.

That matters, to keep selling new cameras.

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