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Re: The difference is ...

I printed out the test file from Lightroom to my Pro-100 first using the 8 bit driver and then the 16 bit XPS driver. Then, because I don't know how Lightroom's print engine works, I printed it again with Qimage using the XPS driver. Aside from the slightly better sharpening/scaling from Qimage, the three prints are virtually identical.

The iPhone photo below shows a difference in ambient light across the three prints as indicated by the whites of the backgrounds, but in the same light they look the same.

I have never seen a difference between the 8 bit and 16 bit outputs from the same file.

Ken's obviously visible differences are clearly due to the differing color spaces chosen, not the bit depth nor the driver. There may be some banding in images caused by different bit depths, but that is not apparent in his images.

The synthetic ball test contains colors that are significantly out of gamut on every printer I know of.

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