8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Re: 16 bit printing in Profoto

Ken60 wrote:

For anyone that watched the video linked, and that tried printing the test file linked...

Here are two images shot of the printout with my Samsung phone.... wish you could see the differences first hand !

One is printed with the Canon XPS 16 bit printer driver, from a Pro Photo test chart on Canson Platine using perceptual, black point comp, and a custom profile that I had made for that box of paper and my printer.

The second is from an 8 bit sRGB of the same test chart using Canon Pro 1000 driver ( 8 bit) and with the same settings.

So which one of the two is this ?

The differences you see in the output are solely due to the color gamut, not the bit depth. What you see is to be expected due to the color gamut used prior to conversion to the printer color space.

Color Gamut defines the range of 'colors'.

Bit depth defines the numbers of color values. And some color values are not actual colors, some differing color values are the same color. But that's another story for now.

ProPhoto RGB has a much wider range of colors it can contain than sRGB. No matter the bit depth.

The bit depth simply defines the numbers and how they are divided.

Think of Color gamut as a pie that's 12 inches wide and weights 4 pounds.

Think of the bit depth as how many slices you cut into that pie for serving to your guests.

You can cut the pie such that each slices is one pound (1/4 of that pie). That could be 8-bits per color. Now suppose you decide to cut the pie so you end up with 8 slices of pie. That's "16-bits" in our analogy. The pie (Color Gamut) is still 12 inches wide and weights 4 pounds.

Think of the 12 inch 4 pound pie as sRGB, think of a 14 inch pie that weighs 6 pounds as Adobe RGB (1998) if you will. You haven't sliced up the pie, the bit depth isn't a factor yet.

The two are independent of each other.

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