What's really important in photography...???

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Re: What's really important in photography...???

tony field wrote:

What do you mean by "absolute nonsense"?? Can you point to an example of such a post that has no sensible accuracy?

Here's one example even from just one of those links...

"How did you decide what was 'the right amount of exposure'? In fact, you had already decided, when you chose ISO 200, what was the exposure you wanted"


Let's see how much truth is in that one sentence or not.

l was shooting in full manual. By choosing 200 ISO I most certainly had not already decided on the exposure. Yes I wanted a specific shutter speed of 1/160 but I was changing the aperture to control and change the exposure. f/10 would of been a different exposure to f/11. f/13 would have been a different exposure to f/11. All at my decision with a quick turn of the aperture ring.

Then as another example I took a random dive through some older posting history...


"you could have set the aperture as large as you like to get as large an exposure and as low noise as you could, subject only to whether the camera could accept that large an exposure, that is, does it 'overexpose' at 100 ISO...

...In other scenes, depth of field is more of an issue, and you might be looking for shallow or deep depth of field, dependent on the effect you were looking to achieve. Shallow DOF is a quite valid creative tool in landscapes, as it is in other fields, it's just a matter of aesthetics and what is your intention. That said, deep depth of field always comes at the cost of exposure, and therefore noise, so it's always worth using as shallow a DOF as your pictorial aims allow."

This is back a few months ago when bobn2 and Lee Jay and Michael Fryd were repeatedly telling people that changing depth of field always came with a change in noise. Until a few others started pulling them up on it.

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