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Nature’s art

Brick Wall wrote:

That's very anthropocentric. You haven't seen elephants creating art?

I’ve seen fraudulent art produced by a trained elephant. The animal handler would give subtle signals to the elephant as to how to move the paintbrush.

I’ve also seen an exhibition of “ape art” at a friend’s gallery, with proceeds going to the care of these animals. The curator had a difficult time *selecting* the works to show, as most are terrible by any standard. Basically, they had to look as if they could have been made by a human abstract expressionist painter, but the only art present in the exhibition was the art of curation, framing, and otherwise making a pleasing exhibit.

Termites also create art. Nonhuman primates have also created some prehistoric rock art.

Consciousness isn't even required to create art. Just look at the double helix in DNA or fractals in snowflakes.

I would call that “Nature’s” ‘art’. If we assume that the cosmos is well-ordered and harmonious, acting according to law, then of course the cosmos will produce well-ordered and harmonious patterns that we would otherwise consider art. If all were unorganized chaos, then we wouldn’t be here discussing this.

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