8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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The difference is ...

Here are two images shot of the printout with my Samsung phone.... wish you could see the differences first hand !

One is printed with the Canon XPS 16 bit printer driver, from a Pro Photo test chart on Canson Platine using perceptual, black point comp, and a custom profile that I had made for that box of paper and my printer.

The second is from an 8 bit sRGB of the same test chart using Canon Pro 1000 driver ( 8 bit) and with the same settings.

The visible difference there is caused by ProPhoto RGB versus sRGB. Even the with Bill's Balls test image that you used,* I'd bet that $100 that to our eyes the differences between 16-bit and 8-bit files will not show, and the differences between a TIFF and a best-quality JPEG will not show. So I'm back to where I started (at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63089378),

[W]e really, really need to separate out ....

Probably also worth noting, Bill's Balls is not a photo, but a wholly synthetic 'torture test' image.

Last but not least: in a color-managed workflow (necessary to reproduce color accurately), you don't print in either ProPhoto RGB or sRGB; instead you (or your software automatically) convert from the working space (ProPhoto RGB or sRGB or whatever) to the ICC profile of the printer + paper. How that conversion is done can have a big effect on the resulting colors, especially with an image like Bill's Balls, which has a lot of color at or beyond the extremes of normal gamuts. With something like that, whether the conversion is perceptual or relative colorimetric or whatever, and whether there is black-point compensation, can make a huge difference in the printed result. You did not tell us about some of those details of your test, and those details matter a lot.

*To be precise, the page you printed is actually Andrew Rodney's Gamut Test File, the bottom of which incorporates the smaller, 14-ball version of Bill Atkinson's balls, the full version of which has 28 balls. Your photos show the left 5 of the 7 balls on each row.

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