So long to the Super Fine setting for me

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Thanks for the memory tips

Scottelly wrote:

Humansvillian wrote:

I know that in order to wring the last, dying quiver of image quality out of any good camera, I should shoot in RAW.

And folks that do shoot in RAW do have bragging rights to talk to serious photographers who always shoot in RAW, or at least claim to shoot RAW, when talking about the subject to anybody who claims to understand what RAW means.

But I tried RAW, and it generated huge files, and worse yet started counting towards my 15 gig free Google Photos limit, my phone didn't like to upload the pictures, so sadly I went back to JPEG. I guess I'll never be a professional anyway, or even a real serious amateur.

But when my wife and I travelled to visit Hermann, I thought I'd juice my pictures up a bit by shooting Super Fine quality pictures. After all, it's free to upgrade from Fine to Super Fine, although the good people at Olympus make you go through the menu to do it.

I got so incensed about taking pictures at Hermann, I racked up over six hundred shots in one afternoon. The average file size was something on the order of 11 megabytes. It clogged up my phone, and took hours to upload. It even took a long time to upload on my personal computer.

After playing with Olympus cameras now for the last three years, I'd like to say my Super Fine photos were maybe just a little better than those shot in Fine.

But I can't see any difference.

For folks like me that just like to take pictures and share them with friends and family, and have an excuse to play with my Olympus camera, Super Fine is not fine at all.

Actually, I'll bet Normal quality would be fine enough, to suit me.

If you shoot a small camera, it's good to have the smallest file size that satisfies the craving to take pictures.

So from now on, no more Super Fine quality for me.

Maybe this will help:

Shoot in RAW+JPG mode. That way you can use your jpegs like normal, but you'll have the raw files when/if you need them.

P.S. I have many terabytes of hard drives filled primarily with raw files that I never do anything with . . . but all those drives probably cost me less than $1,000 over the past 15 years.

Hard drives are really fast and cheap now.

. . . and if you prefer a more portable solution:

My first Kodak DC3200 had something less than one gig Compact Flash card.

My PL1 came with a whopping big 16 gig card.

I just treated myself to a 256 gig Samsung Micro Card for $40.

All my saved digital photos, so far, amount to 107 gigsaced on Google Photos and downloaded back on the hard drive to my OC.

Any time I want I can transfer them to a $40 card and leave it in the camera.

Thr people that make SD cards are flat out magicians.

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