What's really important in photography...???

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Re: What's really important in photography...???

kiwi2 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

"At the end of the day I think people need to ask themselves just how important is all this technical discussion and how much of a difference will it actually make to the quality of the photos in someone's album." --OP

The answer to that is, it matters a heck of a lot sometimes.

I'm sick of people using the claim that "its all about the photographer and the subject and the light, not the gear" as if the equipment never matters. It absolutely does matter and, in some cases, it matters a whole lot. Any implication to the contrary will be met with proof that the claim is false.

I'm not even arguing against the importance of gear. I am making a point about the absolute nonsense that gets pushed down people's throats around here by a handful of self appointed forum "experts".

What do you mean by "absolute nonsense"?? Can you point to an example of such a post that has no sensible accuracy?

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Charles Darwin: "ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."

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