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I'm sick of people using the claim that "its all about the photographer and the subject and the light, not the gear" as if the equipment never matters. It absolutely does matter and, in some cases, it matters a whole lot. Any implication to the contrary will be met with proof that the claim is false.

The camera is an instrument in the hands of a human being. I don’t think anyone would deny that a pipe organ is something altogether greater than a toy piano, and is capable of far more. What is common to both instruments is that an accomplished organist can operate them better than most of us. They are able to operate both keyboard instruments with ease and without awkwardness and are able to reliably and repeatedly produce a large variety of pleasing sounds to most listeners. Certainly the pipe organ is capable of more, but only in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.

Yeah...both the photographer and the gear matter.

Human beings, and not technology, are at the center of any art.

And now you're off the rails. First, photography isn't an art. Second, both the gear and the photographer matter, and which one is more important depends on many other things.

The human being first must have an idea of what they want to accomplish, and then through the human mental application of technical and artistic means (both technology and technique together) produce a result, and then that result is judged by an audience of human beings. The instruments used in any art are just one of the means—used for better or worse—to deliver the initial human idea to the human audience.

And, like I said, one can be more important than the other, or they can be equal. The above basically claims the person is always the most important, which is flat false.

Actually it is true, it is all about the photographer, because it is up to the photographer to choose the gear that is best for the job. If you can't understand that, then you have a mentality of a gear head and not of a photographer.

And if you can't understand that having the gear available to choose (both in your possession and in the market) matters, then, well, I feel sorry for you.

you do really suffer from comprehension problem do you? Read again what I wrote because obviously you didn't get my point.

There are things I shoot now that could not have been shot in the film era - no matter who was shooting with them.

Of course, me too but I am the photographer and I am the one who decides what tools to use.

To claim that the photographer is all that matters is foolish and unduly reductionist.

You cannot will into existence equipment that doesn't exist. So, while it may be up to the photographer to choose the equipment, that equipment has to exist for it to make a difference in one's photography.

By way of example, the photographer might want to take a properly exposed 1/1000 second shot with only starlight as the light source, but if the gear isn't available to do so, he is hamstrung.

That is not as foolish as your comment. Your post has nothing in it except arguing for the sake of argument. If you've been thinking like a photographer and not as a gear head, you would have understood it. To clarify, I was talking about photographers who know what they are doing, not about idiots who call themselves photographers without any credentials. and would do silly things just to satisfy your argument.



At least I am thinking. Consciousness isn't even required to create art. Nor are humans required.


So, gear takes primacy over the human element in art.

OMG, and I thought that I already heard everything...


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