8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Re: Then I'll be more direct with you.

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Also, there is no real connection between "8 bit data [and] sRGB files". You can have a 16-bit TIFF encoded in sRGB or a JPEG (8 bits) encoded in ProPhoto RGB. And the latter is almost always fine for printing, you just don't want to use it for editing.

Yep.  Almost always. I recall only one jpeg image saved in high quality in ProPhoto RGB showing evidence of banding that was a photograph. It was in a darkish brown area IIRC and one had to look pretty closely to see it. The image had an exceptionally low level of noise which tends to naturally mask banding.  OTOH, I've never seen an actual photo in 8 bit tiff RGB ProPhoto that showed any banding though it's easy to make synthetic 8 bit tiff images that show slight banding. That natural shot noise in photos covers many sins.

And, of course, editing is a different story and should be done in high bits.

Your full statement is, I think, dead on in all respects.

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