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Then I'll be more direct with you.

I was trying to suggest gently that you appear to be confused about some fundamentals, and ought to review some things. That having evidently gotten nowhere, I'll be more direct. Above you wrote:

It was my feeling that modern inks should be able to exceed the 8 bit data from sRGB files that have been the traditional print feed.

This reflects a clear mixing up of (1) gamut, i.e., what range of colors you (a) can describe in a file, which is a function of the working space, like sRGB or Adobe RGB, and/or (b) print onto a page, which is a function of those inks, the paper, and the printer / its driver, with (2) how finely you divide up that gamut with mathematical representations, which is a function of bit depth (and, to the extent it differs, gamma, see, e.g., https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma_correction).

Whether you use an 8-bit JPEG or a 16-bit TIFF to send your photo to the printer does not change the printable gamut. Whether your file is encoded in sRGB or ProPhoto RGB does change the printable gamut, at least where the photo has colors outside of sRGB but within the printer's gamut. (Of course, your printing software and/or printer driver, if color-managed, has to convert your ProPhoto RGB or whatever to what the printer + paper combination can actually print--another wrinkle / complication.)

Also, there is no real connection between "8 bit data [and] sRGB files". You can have a 16-bit TIFF encoded in sRGB or a JPEG (8 bits) encoded in ProPhoto RGB. And the latter is almost always fine for printing, you just don't want to use it for editing.

Then you wrote:

This comment and claim seemed to be rejected by some as heresy, and my excommunication was warned.

Being a bit dramatic?

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