8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Canon's Print studio pro and the xps driver fails 16 bits

Well, here's pretty strong evidence that the Canon Pro1000 doesn't print beyond 8 bits.

There's two attachments of 16 bit scans of prints with a high key gradient but the scans are saved as jpegs.

The 16 bit tiff image has a gradient from RGB (245,245,245) to (255,255,255) .

One was printed using Canon's Studio Pro ostensibly at 16 bits. The other printed directly with the driver but with the ColorSettings 16->8 bit dither selected.

One attached image is just the scan converted as is to jpeg. The other is the scan with high key contrast enhanced to bring out banding. This was done by using "Curves"
 and setting the input (which is scaled to 0) to 220. This also magnifies the tint since the paper white is slightly bluish.

It's pretty obvious that the Canon Studio Pro does not even print 9 bits, let alone 16 and the dither that Photoshop injects when printing through the driver works quite well.

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