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Lee Jay wrote:

Moti wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Brick Wall wrote:

That's very anthropocentric. You haven't seen elephants creating art? Termites also create art. Nonhuman primates have also created some prehistoric rock art.

Consciousness isn't even required to create art. Just look at the double helix in DNA or fractals in snowflakes.

That "art" is created in the mind of the viewer.

Wow, now we are getting somewhere. Actually every art is in the mind of the viewer, this is why in your mind a photograph can never be an artwork as you claim, but that doesn't mean that photography cannot produce art because millions of other people, more qualified than you, including museum curators, art critiques and art collectors, do consider photography as a mean to produce potential work of art.

A thing is only an "art" if the starting point is nothing (like all the real arts). In other words, for photography to be an "art" the photographer has to create the scene as well as photograph it. Photographing something in a creative or aesthetically pleasing way is not sufficient to call the result "art".

Exceptionally few photographs are "art". Most of the photography that photographers call "art" is created by photographers frustrated with their own lack of real artistic talent, such as that which composers, sculptors, painters, and so forth have to have to create something from nothing.

The difference between me and them is that I'm honest enough to admit that fact.

Good, at least now you admit that under certain circumstances, photography can be art. Now lets look at the following scenario. I'm a wedding photographer and I'm going to shoot a group photo. What i usually do, I pick an empty space of an empty background and start populating it with people and then I take a photo.

So actually, as per your concept, I created a scene from nothing and then photographed it. Is this a work of art?

Another example. I know a painter who takes a photo, blows it up and then starts to paint on it. The combination of the photograph and the painting looks wonderful but, as he was painting on a photograph, his starting point was not zero. (Like in all the real arts) so is he producing artwork or not?


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