Panasonic S1 and Sony A7III sensor - same?

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Re: Panasonic S1 and Sony A7III sensor - same?

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Autoxave wrote:

Panasonic sensor is made by TowerJazz. Sonys sensor is made by Sony. I.e. different.


Well, such information is usually kept as industry secrets, but there are several indications. I should have used the word "indications" instead of "is".

Thanks so much all. I'm still confused and been a fan of Live MOS sensor since GF1, so needed to make sure S1 is indeed a Full Frame Live MOS, so to decide.
If not, i''ll rather wait for Sigma's Full Frame Foveon.....

I suspect the difference between the two sensors is mostly negligible and likely impossible to tell in most situations.   Whether it’s live MOS should be irrelevant I would think, these sensors are all state of the art and considerably better than the GF1 sensor.

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