Is the 90D now a better choice than 5Div for weddings?

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Re: Is the 90D now a better choice than 5Div for weddings?

Dave Seeley wrote:

Given newer 32mp sensor with far superior readout, and uncropped 4K (with ef-s 10-18 is to mitigate aps-c crop).

Because of the smaller sensor size, 32mp crammed onto the sensor would require a lens that can resolve a lot of details. Very few lenses can do that.  Further, as a lens is asked to resolve more detail, the contrast goes down.  That is why many users see much better image quality when they look at images made with full frame sensors compared to images made with smaller sensors.

Most amateurs do not know that, and that is why they can be fooled into buying APS-C models with lots of megapixels instead of a FF with the same number of or fewer magepixels.  To give you an extreme example, 8x10 cameras give great quality images because the lens is not asked to resolve a lot of detail. Large negatives/sensors are the key to better image quality.

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