8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Re: 8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

I am all in on capturing raw data in the biggest color space your camera allows and processing it in a big color box. There are learned screeds about how PS actually handles or doesn't all 16 bits. I have no idea what other programs do that claim to process in a big color box because I use PS.

None of that matters although I do not understand why Adobe chops the numbers the way they do.

It should be obvious that you could easily test things for yourself to see if there is a reward or a penalty for printing in 16 bits, something one only sees in the OSX drivers. As well as comparing prints made directly from the prophoto file to a properly converted sRGB file--the prints can be on the same piece of paper.

Presuming you have an sRGB monitor you will never see any more colors than the sRGB gamut while crunching data in Prophoto/16 bits. So if you indeed have a printer whose ink gamut can exceed sRGB you will never match the color you see on your monitor to the print if the print has a wider gamut than the monitor and the printer is getting more than an 8 bit data stream--the print can have colors you never saw on the monitor. I am not sure why that would be desirable.

It would seem that using a full RGB monitor, as well as having excellent color vision which most people do not, should be de rigeur for WYSIWYG printing if your printer can indeed print colors outside the sRGB gamut.

My point is that there is a valid reason for capturing and processing in a big color space but properly converting to sRGB for printing so that the print can best match what you spent your time and energy on based on what you thought you saw on your finely calibrated monitor. The whole reason for capturing and processing in that big color box is to minimize color banding when the image is used in a smaller color space, and it works! I am not the first to point this out.

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