Tony Northrup - The TRUTH: Hi Megapixels + BIG Prints are a WASTE?

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Re: Said this for years - ever since I got the 50 MPIX Canon 5DS/R

blue_skies wrote:

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bob13bob wrote:

^ exactly. I do think mp have diminishing returns though

all of you guys talking about prints... that's old school. the future will be 10k+ displays. If your old pics are important to you now, then its' a logical assumption your present day pics will be valuable to you in the future.

lots of criticism against northrup but he backs up his points with data very often. he does double blind tests on his statements and reveals the data. (see preferred sensor) No all camera opinions are equal. Also, he will criticize cameras which can be very unpopular; but ultimately very good for the industry.

which toehr reviewer has the balls to straight tell you the best value bodies. it was the d850. then it changed to a7r3 and a73. Jared, I consider a shill, he doens't say anything negative about cameras.

he's also no zealot he's quick to criticize the adapted AF of canon on sony; which deserves heat; and sonys newest animal af.

I am surprised by the heat about Tony Northrup. I for one have found his reviews useful. Sure he makes a living off of these videos as do a raft of people but its also providing a service for free. Take it or leave it really. Don't like him then watch someone elses reviews or none at all.


I watched few of his videos, and I do think I see why people react negatively - he mixes information and opinion, and it takes other reviews, or personal experiences, to understand the flaws (or mis-information) that he presents. Can't fault him directly, because he doesn't know what he doesn't know, but if he were to consult with someone knowledgeable, his videos could improve a lot.

Watch back some of the reviews from Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, formerly of The Camera Store TV, and you'll see why DPreview picked them up, rather than Tony.... (I know, location matters too, but you'll get the idea).

lol, iwatch dpreviews videos as well. they are good but way less technical with way less data provided and blind testing than northrups.

I haven't found one camera video who backs up his points with more data than northrup's videos.  the articles dpreview releases are very detailed and do provide a lot of evidence.

the thing about review sites; they are too nice in their critiques.   i understand why, negative reviews are not popular and are very contentious.  they are vital to the health of the industry though.

northrup was a proponent of the nikon systems and people called him a nikon shill.  he was a big critic of sony's cameras pre gen3.  then sony 3rd gen released and he became a proponent of sony.  people called him a shill again.

you're welcome to scrutinize northrup as eveyrone should, but your statements would hold more weight if they had evidence.

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