What's really important in photography...???

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Re: What's really important in photography...???

kiwi2 wrote:

Reading through some of this thread a few days ago had me shaking my head as it was just like watching some Ken Wheeler Youtube videos...



At the end of the day I think people need to ask themselves just how important is all this technical discussion and how much of a difference will it actually make to the quality of the photos in someone's album.

Perhaps scrutinizing gear is not so important and it may not lead to even one picture being aesthetically better. Yet, it is fun.

As a stark contrast to the Ken Wheelers of the photography world, watch this video of an actual real photographer...


I like how he says "So you have basically four or five things that are critical - Composition, light, subject, texture, form."

Funnily enough I didn't notice Tom Mangelsen mentioning anywhere about ETTR or sensor saturation.

Now I realise that having an understanding of one aspect on photography is not mutually exclusive of having an understanding of the other aspects of photography.

But I do wonder if people that put too much focus on the trivial technicalities of camera equipment lose sight of the bigger picture and don't spend as much thought on the more important aspects to creating great imagery.

Calling the technicalties trivial may spin answers your way. Yet, still, if focusing on them is fun . . . Also, you seem to think this is a zero sum game: the more one focuses on gear, the less one focuses on the end result.  I don't know. I think the human brain is not so limited. Perhaps the more I have learned about the little details of gear and software, the better my images have become. Might not be about the technicalties. May be about the passion that underlies both sides of this duality.

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