FUJIFILM XF16-80 versus XF 18-135 REVIEW

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Re: Looks like I'll stick with my XF 18-135

Fujijitsu wrote:

Yannis1976 wrote:

Well at 80mm the new lens is faster and offers better subject separation for portraits.

True - but the 18-135 at the longer end and f5.6 will run it close enough.

XF 18-135 @ 125mm f5.6

Looks pretty decent at 135mm. While I love my 18-135, I always thought of it as 18-90 instead. Beyond 100mm, it's just too inconsistent. Interestingly, my lens has a slight stuck/pause around 110mm, then a harder pause at 123mm. I looked at the shots at those FL and found 135mm to be mostly OK, the bad shots are mostly due to nailing the wrong focus point. But those at 123mm are the most inconsistent, half are really sharp like the other FLs, but half are just too soft, even with halo. Wondering if there's something physically in the lens at that pause causing the barrel to shift out of axis slightly.

Kinda OK at 123mm:

and completely failed at the same 123mm:

Really good at 70mm, almost edge to edge:

still OK at 135mm:

In general, I'm slowly learning its strength and weakness, and really enjoying this 18-135. I don't see myself trading it for the 16-80 (I usually shoot panorama so 16mm is still not anywhere wide enough for me).

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