Pentax after Nikon dumps 5 dslr lines

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Re: Pentax after Nikon dumps 5 dslr lines

miles green wrote:

Apparently, Nikon is dumping 5 Dslr lines!!!

The bomb was dropperd right here on dpr, by Chris Nichols. (Probably Canada's biggest bomb ever!)

So where does that leave Pentax?

In a bigger niche, imho, one that I like a lot!

Happy shooting!

Almost all the models dropped are APS-C models.  That is not a surprise. APS-C models are hopelessly outdated and they are not selling. The world is moving to full frame. Even Sigma and Panasonic are marketing FF mirrorless L mount models.  New entry level FF models are selling for just $1.3K, less money than what the *ist D sold for in 2003.

Pentax would be wise to market a compact entry level FF that sells for $1k. Then we will see a lot of people buying Pentax cameras again. Calling it the MX-1 because it is about as compact as the MX would not hurt either.

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