What's really important in photography...???

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My vote goes to KIWI2 . . . Excellent Rebuttal!

Re: What's really important in photography...???

kiwi2 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

As usual, the so-called artists berate that which they don't understand.

Wouldn't you think what knowledge and technical skill you need might depend just a tiny bit on what types of subjects you like to shoot and the types of final images you like?

Why couldn't I get this shot with my original telephoto system consisting of a Canon AE1 with Fuji 200 ASA film and a 70-200/5.6 slow zoom lens hand held? Why did I need a full-frame digital camera, a 2000mm f7 lens and an understanding of how to get a stable 8 second exposure with it, not to mention the right equipment for that purpose?

So you bought yourself a telescope with a motorised mount.

You think I don't understand "technical" stuff like that?

I have owned and been using a EQ mount since my early twenties which would have been around 25 years ago now. Here's two 120 sec exposures stacked at 1200mm f/8 with a Canon Rebel...

Then I progressed to piggybacking my camera gear on a big observatory telescope's mount under a dome when I was the public educational officer for an observatory for a few years.

Recently I have gone back to using that same old motorised EQ mount for creating astro timelapses...

I know full well using such gear isn't that complicated. The trick is finding interesting subject material and compositions that is going to engage the viewer's attention for more than half a second.

That's the challenge in photography. Not just buying and collecting the gear.

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