Refurb 80d w/lenses or new 90d body

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Re: Refurb 80d w/lenses or new 90d body

Regarding the $900, that was probably too aggressive, but was basing it on the the launch of the 80d, and the subsequent price drops later (including availability of refurbs).  They seemed to start within 3 months, with refurbs popping up about 6 months after launch.

The money is really less of an issue, it's more a case of getting good shots, and then having the lens sit around unused afterward.  It does seem that once people get started with the 100-400, they continue to find "uses" for it.  I'm getting close to retirement age, and would expect to travel more national parks, etc. so seems like I would get good use out of it, so less likely to regret the purchase.

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