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How do you like your TZ200 / ZS200?

Started 3 months ago | Discussions thread
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Re: How do you like your TZ200 / ZS200?

Speaking as your everyday tourist/snapshooter user, I'd say the the TZ200 is the best camera ever.

Once you've set up the Photo Styles to your liking you can leave it in P mode most of the time and just snap away.

The zoom is fast and responsive and the controls are just where you need them.

Image stablisation is excellent, but the camera doesn't automatically make best use of it. Left to its own devices, in low light it prefers to increase ISO rather than allow a longer shutter speed.

At maximum 360mm zoom the TZ200 can get a shake-free handheld  shot at 1/10 second 9 times out of 10; but if you have the camera in P mode and with auto ISO, it will be raising ISO long before it gets to such a slow shutter speed.

To get to the slow shutter speeds you need to either turn off auto ISO or switch to shutter priority mode.

Note also that image quality falls off very slightly at the longer end of the zoom. If you have a particular interest in, say, wildlife photography then you'll want something with a big lens that can stay super-sharp and wide right out to 400mm or whatever.

In bad light (near darkness) auto focus at the long end of the zoom is not good either, although it's fine at the short end.

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