I may be blind, but I still know how to use a camera

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I may be blind, but I still know how to use a camera

I was born blind in my right eye, and glaucoma wasted away the peripheral vision in my left eye. I am left living with tunnel vision in one eye.

Photography is very special to me, because as the viewfinder captures my subject and projects it at the point I can see with my tunnel vision, the world opens up to me.

We went to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, Pikes Peak, and The Garden of the Gods in Colorado, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Arches, and The Canyonlands with my wife and I. My wife left my daughter and I after the third day at Yellowstone, and then it was my daughter and I.

i slipped, stumbled, and fell on my bottom, and got too close to the edge a few too many times much to the dismay of my lovely companions. Trying to find the trail markers was quite the chore, but kudos to them for the great job they are doing maintaining the parks for all of us to experience.

A lot goes into taking a good picture, and I made tons of mistakes, but I had the best time, and I think I made a photographer out of my daughter in the process.

I am just now going to start using a white cane, but I’m determined that it will make photography an even better experience for me as long as I retain what vision I have for as long as it will stay with me.

I am, however, concerned with public reaction. I can’t begin to retain count of how many people tell me I don’t look disabled, and with a white cane carrying a camera I will be under a lot of scrutiny. I hope it doesn’t stop me, ignorance can be so deafening and harmful. My anxiety level is through the roof ever since my oldest son told me I scare him in crowded busy places.

i’ve had A couple of strokes and fought my way back to normalcy several times only to hear, “huh, you don’t look like you have any problems, you must be all better.” These are the people who will make it hard for me to get on the train to NYC and spend the day out with my camera and my creative eye.

‘So, if you see a guy with a blind man’s cane remember the following: There is totally blind, and there is legally blind. Only 10% of blind people live in darkness, the rest of us are on the spectrum, but that doesn’t make us less blind, and that doesn’t mean all of us can’t use a camera. In my situation I can. I have 20/200 tunnel vision with a 18 degree field of view, meaning no peripheral vision. A Tesla could sneak up on me and mow me down, before I knew what happened.

if you too are a visually impaired photographer then let’s talk.

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