IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

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Re: +1 for the 8-18mm

GodSpeaks wrote:

The 12-60mm "kit" lens is actually an extremely good lens. The 12-35mm should be, and probably is, a better lens, but probably not noticeably so. It is also 25mm shorter in focal length than the 12-60. In travel, that extra 25mm could prove very useful, thus making the 12-60mm a more versatile lens.

The Panasonic 8-18mm is an outstanding lens, and while there is some overlap, it really does compliment the 12-60mm very well. It is also a faster lens, making it more useful in low light situations.

Personally I would opt for the 8-18mm over the 12-35mm and keep the 12-60mm. Actually, that's the setup I have.

If you want something smaller, check out the Olympus 9-18mm. It also is a fine little lens.

i'm inching in that direction. there were times when i felt like i needed to go wider than 12mm especially in the mountains, and also i'm trying to get in to landscape photography now.

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