Camera Club.........!

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Camera Club.........!

This may amuse......and even strike a chord

A sunny September evening, somewhere in Europe.  I decide to go along to my local camera club, because:

It's nice to meet friendly folk with a common interest. I'm in need of as much advice and input as I can get at this stage in my career. I'm struggling with lens options and I'm secretly hoping that some kind soul will say "Oh I've got one of those, let's meet up and you can try it out"

So...I turn up at the local community centre, follow the crowd and end up in the local singing club. They couldn't have been nicer and practically begged me to stay but I went in search of the real thing.

"Ah, if you're new go into that room for the beginners class". In I go. I'm greeted in a friendly way and given a sheet outlining what we will be covering. It is just slightly basic, along the line of "The camera has a lens on the front" "The aperture is a hole through which light passes" and "Manual controls allow you to control the camera settings"

Useful but even I am a little past that stage. I ask how long we are going to spend on that. "Oh at least an hour". I suggest I might get just a teeny bit bored and ask if I may go to the GROWN UPS room next door. I'm not actually told no so off I go.

I am faced with a bunch of middle aged and not very beautiful people. Well that's me too, so all good. I had hoped they would be showing each other exciting new Not a camera to be seen. I make some light and self-deprecating conversation and ask how the evening works. "Well the chairman is going to give a talk telling us what he been doing this summer". "How long does that last"? "About an hour". "Ah, I had been hoping to be able to discuss lens choices at some point".

"Albert is probably a good man for that".

Albert wanders over and looks gloomily at me and my camera. I smile and say "Yes, my £135 bargain, I'm rather proud of it". Albert comes up with the acute comment "A D300". I smile again..."I'm told they are rather good cameras" which elicits the reply "I wouldn't know".

At this point I rise and say "OK, looks like we're done. You guys are clearly not for me" and walk out into the evening............

Some one PLEASE tell me this isn't typical

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