What's really important in photography...???

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Re: What's really important in photography...???

kiwi2 wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

This is a gear-focused site.

Surely this isn't breaking news..

But the gear/hardware/technical side of things also depends on a photographer that knows what they're doing on the composition and light side of things.

Not necessarily.

Anyway, I was just responding to your comment:

"At the end of the day I think people need to ask themselves just how important is all this technical discussion and how much of a difference will it actually make to the quality of the photos in someone's album."

The technical discussion is important "here".... because it's a technical forum.  A gear-focused site.

It's just what gets discussed most.

Nothing against the intent of your post, just reminding you as to the reason

It's like how car designers depend on car drivers that know what they're doing for the engineering side of things to work properly. Like how a car driver holds the steering wheel or uses the manual stick shift properly. If the driver doesn't know and practice the basic principles then the complex engineering of stability and control also fails.

Camera designers also have the same problems. A few years ago in the Canon Rebel forums here, a lot of people were complaining that the AF was failing to find their subject. But when seeing their photos you could understand why. It may have been a photo of a kid very small in the frame with all the other clutter of the room around. Poor composition when looking at the photo. Main subject too small in the frame and lots of other distracting clatter around. The camera had the same problem with its algorithms trying to make out what the subject to focus on was meant to be. A cleaner composition with the main subject taking up a more decent part of the frame would be no problem for the camera to work out what to AF on.

The same for when someone using a camera doesn't understand the properties of light and wonders why they get blown out skies all the time etc etc. The camera itself would have far less trouble if the photographer knew what they were doing more. I think people having a better understanding of the basics would make much bigger improvements than worrying about small technical differences.

Absolutely agree.

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