What's really important in photography...???

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Re: What's really important in photography?...the big picture

TN Args wrote:

Surely what's important is not what you or KW or TM say is important. It is what the individual enjoys doing, as a participant in photography as an activity for humans.

Some people can't resist looking down a long, lecturing nose and announce it has to be composition, light, blah blah blah, but they need to suck their words back in and take a step back.

People are allowed to participate in the activity of photography for whatever aspect they get a kick out of.

  • It might be composition, light, blah blah blah
  • It might be how cameras work
  • It might be the fancy cameras, or classic cameras, or collectible cameras
  • It might be the different types of image making methods
  • It might be technical understanding and advancement
  • It might be blogging and sharing and teaching
  • It might be nothing more than membership of a community
  • It might be as collectors of photographs
  • and more, I'm sure

There is room for everyone in this hobby, and for all their relative priorities.


How about someone looking down their long condescending noses and lecturing others about 'its okay to think the world is flat but us clever people know the world is round'.

Why do the technical gear-head types think they are the ultimate authority on everything to do with photography?

Ken Wheeler for all his blah blah blah couldn't take a decent photo even if his life depended on it...


Whereas Tom Mangelsen has racked up quite a long list of notable recognition in his career of following his passion...


So to me who do you think has more credibility and is someone I would want to learn from?

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