IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

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Re: IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

I did an informal experiment where I pitted my Leica 15mm/f1.7 against the Panasonic 12-60 3.5-5.6 and the 14-140 f3.5 (version before latest weather sealed) with the latter two set at 15mm.  I did not publish my results/thoughts here as I did not feel like getting shot down on how the experiment didn't meet certain scientific criteria.   I believe the Leica did offer more micro contrast in the shadow areas and more consistent sharpness thru out the entire image range including corners but these differences, to me, were largely only visible when viewed at 100-200 percent and only when comparing the images side by side.  I can't imagine these differences would show up in print.  Bottom line, I choose the Leica 15mm in situations where I need the low light advantage, not for noticeable image improvements.

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I have the Lumix 12-60 3.5-5.6 (not the faster Leica) that came with my G85 and am wondering how much of an improvement in IQ I will see if I upgrade to the 12-35 f2.8?

I think one difference in IQ between the 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 and the 12-35mm f2.8 will be the border quality. The resolution of the borders on the 12-35mm is higher than the 12-60mm according to technical reviews. It may not be noticeable when shooting close up but will become more apparent as your shooting distance increases.

You can get an idea of border quality by comparing your 12-60mm with your Leica 15mm at the same focal length and aperture settings, shooting a moderately distant to distant scene. I've done this comparing my 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 with my Oly 17mm f1.8 and the 17mm resolves better on the borders of the image.

That being said, if the difference is not noticeable on your A4 prints then it may not matter to you.

Cafe Racer.

Interesting.. I would've expected a Leica prime to outperform a Lumix zoom (the 12-35 that is)!

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