Tony Northrup - The TRUTH: Hi Megapixels + BIG Prints are a WASTE?

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Re: It's related to GAS.

tbcass wrote:

Carlo UK wrote:

Lots of reasons why high megapixels are better. Cant understand why people keep trying to fool people into thinking anything else. Perhaps they are trying to fool themselves. Cropping is one good example. Especially if yo like to drop for a panoramic view. After having the A7R series I could never go back to a 24mpx sensor.

There can be only one reason. They don't own a camera with a high megapixel count. They would like to have one but don't want to or can't spend the money so they try to convince themselves they don't need one. If that wasn't the reason they simply would not post anything minimizing the value of more MP.

kind of.  there are tradeoffs.  a9 has low resoultion because of readout and af speed.  a6400 has more effective res than a7r3 in crop mode.  a73 is a better low light, and candid camera than a7r3, i i would consider portait thinkas well. vid is better as well.

it seems like the a7r4 will be better at everything.

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