Relay lenses and optical formulas

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Bernard Delley Senior Member • Posts: 1,293
interesting ! - but does it make sense ?

The CCTV lens is designed for a small format sensor, with limited resolution. Maybe 2 Mpix. Relaying the intermediate image will not increase relative resolution. Relaying may degrade the image quality due to de deficiencies of the relay lens in this application. So the final image quality maybe lower than  2 Mpix worth.

The effective aperture of the relayed lens will be small (high aperture ratio). The relaying easily adds vignetting.

A quick estimate of the FL for the relayed compound lens system may be useful to find an equivalent original lens for the camera. The original lens is expected to offer better resolution across the image and an option to use lower aperture ratios like (f/1.4) - f/2.8 - f/8 .

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