Refurb 80d w/lenses or new 90d body

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Re: Refurb 80D w/lenses or new 90d body

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I’m looking to upgrade from my T2i, as I’m planning to go on a safari in the next 1-2 years, and want some time to work with the new camera ahead of that. I also have the 18-55 and 55-250 lenses (non STM). I’ve listed the T2i and lenses on Craigslist, and the offers aren’t much over $200

My question is whether I’d be better off going for the 80d refurb with the 2 lenses, or wait for the 90d to drop down to the $900-950 range and use the existing lenses and keep the T2i as a backup. I’m assuming both cameras might see some additional discounting around Black Friday (probably need to wait longer for the 90d to drop).

90D is not even out yet and its price is not gonna fall anytime soon, you may have to wait a LONG while before that happens if you can find a good deal in 80D, buy it and spend money on "L" lenses instead, if you value quality and enjoyment in your photography! i wouldn't settle for cheesy ef-s lenses. it is always the lens that determines the quality of shots and cameras very little, IMO and experience! if it was me, i'd consider a 80D and sell the 2 lenses and get a canon 24-105"L" original or even a stm version would be fine if budget is tight. good luck.

You're likely to want more reach than 250mm while on Safari. Do whatever allows you to purchase a 100-400 II (and maybe a 1.4x TC). Either way you're better off having the T2i as backup than selling it for $200.

that makes sense but we don't know OP's budget constraints! in the past, if i couldn't afford an "L" lens, i'd take my time and save until i had enough afford my desired lens and purchased it but never compromised and settled for a "turkey"

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