IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

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Re: IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

I have both.

The 12-60 kit is used for travel where added reach is desirable. A big however though: I’m an RX100 user and with the 200mm reach of the VI, I may pick one up and retire m4/3 for all travel. It’s already been retired for urban travel.

My copy of the 12-60 is soft in the center and edges, especially at the long end where I find it’s unacceptable. The draw — contrast, saturation — is not up to the standards of my former Fuji 18-55 (at double the money). But comparable to my kit Fuji 16-50. Though the Fuji was sharp in center at all FL's. I believe the 12-60 needs a better hood when used on sunny days. Alternate hoods I’ve tried that deliver better contrast vignette. What doesn’t vignette, is no better, or worst, than the included hood. It is what it is, a kit lens. There will be areas where it’s not great. It’s up to the user to decide if it never-the-less meets his/her criteria.

As far as the 12-35 is concerned, it’s basically welded onto my only m4/3 body, a GX85. Along with the 15/1.7, it’s really all I need to have a lot of fun with my hobby. Within its FL range I find it just does everything right. It carries well, mechanically feels good, and the files it delivers are excellent.

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