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Hello robbo d

robbo d wrote:

KPM2 wrote:

Hello robbo d

I like bird pictures which have also a nice background, and yours are very nice.

On the other hand, at my 24'' monitor, the pictures show that, what I never liked at the K3, this pattern structure when you use higher ISO's. Your pictures are so nice, I, personally, would use a denoised picture, where the background lost this pattern structure on that way, combining with your picture, where the bird's structure is sharp do to not using much denoise, and would use them as layers and would use your bird in your pictures and the background of the denoised pictures.

best regards. KPM2

Thanks KPM2,

Yes, I totally agree, the K3 has my least favourite Pentax files due to noise.

The processing was a quick effort in LR5, but I purposely kept NR nil or very small to preserve the bird feather details.

I'm very happy with the images, however i'll have to decide how much time I want to spend in PP to make them any better.

Layering is not my best art form....

The Nik collection has a program Dfine, with that you can de-noise and use U-points, where you can set the de-noise area back to (up to ) zero. That program is for free !

I think the newer LR versions can also de-noise in separate areas.

But our LR version can't do that. I have Dfine, but still like to use Layers. Why ? When you use one picture with no noise reduction and one with noise reduction and you start to erase, it's up to you if you use a 100% erase, or 60% erase or less. On that way you can control how much de-noise the parts in your picture need.

I did upload a 12800 ISO picture from my KP. This picture has highlights and darker area. One picture has only colour-noise reduction, but no luminance-noise reduction, so that it's still noisy. But it's the background, witch looks noisy, the squirrel itself do for my eyes looks not so noisy (so long you zoom not in). An other version of this picture has a strong luminance-noise reduction, so that the background looks good and very smooth now, but the details on the squirrel is gone too. An other version is the mix of both via layers, where the squirrel is from the no-luminance-noise reduction picture and the background from the strong luminance noise reduction picture. I used 100% and for parts like the nut a 60% erase and also 50% for other parts.

So, if you like, have a look at them (you can download the full size picture for that too).

I think it is worth to try that with your great pictures too. A general NR like our LR versions do, let us not get the best out of our pictures, when we have to use high ISO's.

best regards KPM2

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