From darkness to the light! Need some help please

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From darkness to the light! Need some help please

So this is going to be a lengthy question and is hoping to finally see what I am doing wrong.

A few years back I started a small business selling stuff online, I started my business with less than 50$ not expecting anything from it in all honesty.

But as time moved on, the sales picked up and despite my greatest efforts, my understanding in photography has been slow at best.

I simply can't invest in a professional photographer at the moment, so I have invested so much time and love in trying to do it myself as I really enjoy learning about photography (my autism! probably why I am a bit slow with this learning curve)

So first things first, here is a quick breakdown of some of the equipment I use

- Panasonic G80/G85
- The 12-60 Lens that came with it
- I have a Godox SpeedLight thingy
- Also a light box like this below

This light box

View: original size

I have also downloaded various charts to try and understand Aperature, ISO, and F-Stop settings and have my camera set to manual.

If I use this lightbox alone, the results vary a lot, this depends on the colour/brightness of the item being photographed mostly.

In manual mode, I keep my ISO at 100, the F-Stop on this camera confuses me, the settings go from 5.6 to 22 only. From my understanding and for the items I photographed, sometimes a few parts in one shot, its better for focus to stay on 22 or this side of things but please correct me if I am wrong.

The shutter speed also goes from B, 60, to 4000, the shutter speed is how quickly and for how long the sensor will gather light or open to allow light on?

I am finding it very difficult to take clear photos with just the lightbox.

This is an untouched converted RAW file to JPG as I cant upload directly with RAW files

View: original size

The shutter speed is between 15-30, I do not know how to identify the exact figure and the F-Stop is between 8-11

The image seems quite dark but when I push the SS to its limit closer to 8 sides, the image always look blurry and unclear which I know is the effect of a long time with the sensor allowing light into it. I want all parts of the item to be in focussed as well which you can see as the distance towards the back gets bigger so does the focus get worst.

I have invested in a Speedlight GODOX gun, which I thought would help, the problem here is that it creates harsh shadows and the lightbox is a little limiting size-wise, when I use the flash there are so many settings I find myself brain dead trying to figure out how to use it, I currently played around in TTL mode.

I also either get some kind of banding or a dark shadow around the item

I am just showing here examples of the kinds of issues especially when shooting lighter colours

View: original size

My business takes up too much of my time already and the frustration I face trying to get nice photos is starting to feel like an undefeatable object. I do not feel that I have such bad equipment, just the lack of knowledge to make the most of what I have.

If anyone could spare some time and shed some light on this matter, it would be of great help for me and allow me to set the camera up to work for most items I have to photograph.

I also invested in an X-Rite palette chart but do not think I have set it up correctly.

Thank you in advance and my apologies for the lack of correct terminology, I am not an expert and still learning.

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