IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

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Re: IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

richj20 wrote:

hetrystero wrote:

I have the Lumix 12-60 3.5-5.6 (not the faster Leica) that came with my G85 and am wondering how much of an improvement in IQ I will see if I upgrade to the 12-35 f2.8?

I had the 12-35mm and got the 12-60mm later as a kit. I could see no appreciable difference in the travel/good light conditions you mention below, so the 12-35 stays home.

I've scoured around and there seem to be a lot of suggestions that there isn't much in it, with only one person here on the dpreview forums saying that the 12-35 is "much better".

You will also probably find opinions both ways here, so a good reason to rent the f/2.8 12-35 (or purchase with a good return policy) and compare for yourself!

- Richard

forgot to mention, rentals are not available in my locale.

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