IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

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Re: IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

thetrystero wrote:

It's mildly annoying but if the IQ isn't much better for my use case, I would rather live with the mild inconvenience than spend extra for essentially a shorter reach.


Too many here are worried about lens sharpness, sensor megapixels, diffraction, dynamic range etc etc etc.

Many loves to quote their MTF graphs and know by heart the "best quality" in what ever combo, only because they are afraid that they would miss something if they do not have best possible gear to get the work done (no matter what their purpose to use camera is).

The image quality is not determined by charts or all kind laboratory tests and so on. The image quality is evaluated by the final image, something that is not done here, nor really anywhere else.

The image quality evaluation is about the context:

1) Where (Lighting, colors, theme, distance....)

2) When (Lighting, style, medium, processing....)

3) Whom (old, young, visually impaired...)

And it is defined by the final image itself, not by the gear what you can get out.

There is difference is someone going to produce a A4 size prints, view the image on 5.2" smartphone via web browser or is it a pixel peeping, nose on the screen.

Lens A can show mediocre sharpness compared to lens B, but both will deliver the same quality image for final product.

First you need to know for what purpose does the camera get used. If it is mainly for family photo album or to do a A4 size prints, then all the evaluation is required to be done so gear is used to make the final products and then compare those products as they would be used. So if they go to photo album and under a plastic, it is then defined by that. If you produce something that is more critical for the variations and differences in the photography equipment like a 40x30" prints, then that is your evaluation starting point for the process.

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