IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

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Re: IQ on the 12-60 kit vs 12-35 ii?

I’ve no doubt the 12-35mm f2.8 is a great lens but 12-60mm is far more flexible ( though the 14-140mm is even better for general walkabout). I use it on the G80 ( ) for travel, especially in city destinations. The 12mm end is very useful for architecture and city work. UWA for internal and exterior architecture, I have the Panasonic 7-14mm f4, the 8-18mm f2.8 is faster and, going to 18mm, is more flexible. The 8mm f2.8 would also be good for Astro work.

When travelling it tends to be to at sunny times when the difference between f2.8 and f3.5 isn’t significant. In any event you’re usually stopped down for more DOF or ( unless you use ND filters ) because the sun is too bright. You have the reasonably compact 15mm f1.7 for really low light.

The 12-60mm and 14-140mm are very similar in size and weight. Like the 12-60, the latest 14-140mm has weather-sealing too. 14-140mm examples

UWA examples

The link below compares all of all of the above zooms, they are all quite compact and light. So, primary subject matter should be the deciding factor. If a wide range of subject matter, then flexibility: the 8-18mm opens up new possibilities in cities; the 12-60mm is great for city walkabout; the 12-35mm offers less flexibility, an increase in low light capability but not as much as your existing 15mm and 42.5mm.

If in doubt, just use  what you’ve got until the real need becomes  clearer.

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