Nikon Z 6 VR Issue

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Re: Nikon Z 6 VR Issue

I think you raise a real concern. I started a similar thread a couple of months ago: and no one seemed to buy into it. It could be a coincidence that my 70-200F4 VR broke after a couple of months of using it on my Z6, but it seemed strange to me: I had repaired it only two year before and had been using it for 4 years before that. I actually did not notice until you mentioned it that the VR stays on as long as the Z6 is awake unlike the DSLR where it is only on for the half-press of the shutter.

It is tricky: on one hand one wants to keep the Z6 awake and ready because of the slower start of time. One the other hand when the camera is awake the sensor is bouncing around like crazy and you have to really consider this when handling the camera and protect it from shock. Have you ever taken the lens off and awakened the camera and seen how much that sensor moves?

I believe VR, body or lens, is delicate on or off and it may just take one bump sometimes to break it.....

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